US Service Academy Nominations Request

At A Glance

2023 Deadline:

October 12, 2023

Time To Complete:

10-15 mins, with supplemental documents ready for upload

Documents needed to upload:

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • An up-to-date transcript
  • Four short essays
  • A recent photograph

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A nomination to one of the United States Service Academies is a distinct and rare honor. Acceptance of an academy appointment involves at least a nine-year obligation to the Service: four years at the academy and at least five years of active duty service (with the exception of the Merchant Marine Academy). In order to process your application, we need your cooperation. The information below is provided to help you expedite your application.

The competition for nominations in the Fifth District is especially keen, and therefore you are urged to apply for a nomination from every available nominating source. These include Senators Van Hollen and Cardin, the President and the Vice President. Children of deceased or disabled veterans or children of Medal of Honor winners may apply for a nomination from another source; I will not be able to duplicate that nomination. Since academies may award more appointments than are available through Congressional vacancies, more than one nomination is neither required nor of assistance in achieving an appointment. Please advise me immediately if you are nominated by another source.

Each Congressional office uses a selection process, which is designed to meet its particular needs and standards. Please carefully read and follow the specific instructions for each office.

If you have not already filed a pre-candidate questionnaire with the Academies of interest to you, please complete the appropriate Academy Information profiles on their web sites. Most of the academies now require that you apply via their website. Upon learning of your interest, the Academy will establish a Prospective Candidate's File for you and send you any pertinent information. I will not be able to offer a nomination to any student who does not have an open candidate file at the relevant Academy and has not submitted a completed packet by my deadline.

Before starting your application, review the full nominations instructions page.

Essay question topics can be found here.


Required Confirmations
Personal Information
Legal Address in Maryland
Temporary Address If Applicable (PREP SCHOOL, etc)
Education and Employment
Academy Selection
Letters of Recommendation
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