Hoyer Statement on House Passage of the Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement today after the House passed the Build Back Better Act: 

“With House passage of the historic Build Back Better Act today, I was proud to help lead the effort to deliver once-in-a-generation action to improve the well-being and economic prosperity of Maryland’s hardworking families. Well before this pandemic, too many Marylanders were struggling to get by and facing everyday challenges – from feeling the burden of an economy that didn’t work for everyone; to worries over expensive child care and prescription drug costs; to considering the future of our planet for their children under the existential threat of the climate crisis. Now, almost two years into an ongoing pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of our people and left many facing newfound economic uncertainties, those across Maryland’s Fifth District and our great state are calling for real change that doesn’t just enable them to survive, but actually allows them to get ahead and build their lives back better. That is precisely what this legislation does. 

“Under the Build Back Better Act, Marylanders can benefit from affordable child care, universal pre-school for all 3 and 4-year olds, and additional financial assistance provided by an extended Child Tax Credit – building off the historic expansion that was provided in the American Rescue Plan by House Democrats. Parents can also find comfort in knowing this bill includes four weeks of paid family and medical leave. This legislation will finally let Medicare negotiate drug prices, allowing struggling Americans to better afford prescription drugs, it also includes a new out-of-pocket cap of $2,000 for the price of prescription drugs in Medicare Part D. There are thousands of Marylanders who have to manage their diabetes every day, and I am pleased that with this bill, they won’t have to pay a dime more than $35 dollars per month for their insulin. More Americans than ever will also be able to benefit from accessible and affordable quality health care with lower premiums offered under the Affordable Care Act, with a reduction of more than $800 per year. The Build Back Better Act also secures the largest investments ever to address the climate crisis head-on by focusing resources to cut pollution, reduce energy costs, and create good-paying jobs by capitalizing on the clean energy economy. What’s more, this bill is fully paid for by ensuring the wealthiest in our country finally pay their fair share. 

“Marylanders are looking to get ahead and succeed, not return back to how things were when so many everyday choices could be a struggle. With the Build Back Better Act, we are making sure our people can make it in America. I was proud to bring this bill to the Floor today and I urge the Senate to take swift action.”

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