Hoyer Attends the Sixth Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) attended the Sixth Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference hosted by the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development. At the event, several individuals were recognized by the Society. Kevin Butts received the Community Service Award; Michael Rocker received the SFEPD Alumni Award; Gregory Kendall received the Eagle Award; and E*Trade Financial received the Visionary Award.

“I thank the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development for the opportunity to attend their Sixth Annual Leadership Conference,” stated Congressman Hoyer. “Financial literacy is a fundamental component of a good education, and thanks to their efforts, adults and young people across the country are learning the basics of how to balance a checkbook, maintain good credit, and plan for the future. These efforts are more than just helpful to individual Americans; they are critical to our nation’s future.”

“While our nation’s budget deficit has been cut in half since President Obama took office, we still have much work to do to put our fiscal house back in order,” continued Congressman Hoyer. “With Congress set to begin negotiating a long-term budget for this fiscal year, we have a real opportunity to replace sequestration’s irrational spending cuts with a sensible and balanced approach to deficit reduction. By educating people about financial literacy on an individual and family level, the Society is doing critical work to promote fiscal responsibility for all Americans. I join in applauding their mission and congratulating those who were recognized by the Society today.”

Established in 1998, the Society develops and presents customizable financial education and professional development seminars and workshops that help consumers better understand personal financial management. The Society has presented seminars on the campuses of over 70 colleges and universities, and is recognized by the U. S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Financial Education.

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