Jobs & the Economy

Promoting a strong economy, creating jobs, and standing up for the middle class continue to be Congressman Hoyer’s top priorities.

In 2010, Congressman Hoyer and House Democrats launched the ‘Make It In America’ agenda, which was originally focused on boosting a declining American manufacturing sector. Since the plan was introduced, 19 ‘Make It In America’ bills have been signed into law. Over the past several years, as the nation emerged from the recession and domestic manufacturing strengthened, the Make It In America plan was updated to reflect a changing economy. In the fall of 2017, Congressman Hoyer launched the ‘Make It In America’ listening tour to hear from Americans across the country about the economic challenges and opportunities they face in their communities. In July 2018, Congressman Hoyer unveiled an updated Make It In America plan that focuses on expanding entrepreneurship, helping workers get the skills that employers need, and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

Knowing that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, Congressman Hoyer has strongly supported legislation to give tax credits to small businesses who hire new employees, restore the flow of credit to small businesses, and help stop corporations from sending American jobs overseas. He also helped pass legislation to create jobs through innovative programs that increase home energy efficiency and spurring the American auto industry.

Hoyer Statement on Pay Parity for 2017

I'm glad that President Obama has responded to the letter that I and other Democratic Members sent this week asking for civilian-military pay parity by announcing that all federal employees will be receiving a 2.1% pay increase next year.

Hoyer Statement on Resolution Authorizing a New, Fully-Consolidated FBI Headquarters

Today's Committee passage of a resolution to authorize the FBI project is an important step in providing a new, fully consolidated headquarters to the hardworking employees of the FBI. The resolution authorizes the project so it can move forward once the funding is appropriated.

Hoyer Meets with Chesapeake Regional Tech Council

I was pleased to join the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council today to discuss how we can continue to spur innovation and expand entrepreneurship in Maryland.

Hoyer Meets with Local NARFE Representatives

I'm proud to represent 62,000 federal employees in the Fifth District, and I was so pleased to meet with representatives from NARFE to discuss how we can continue to support our federal workforce.

Hoyer Discusses the Need to Address Public Health Emergencies, Fund the Government on NewsChannel 8

I am shocked and deeply disappointed that we came back after seven, eight weeks where the Republicans had the opportunity to plan what they were going to do to deal with this emergency, and we have filler this week. Bills that aren't going to pass the Senate, bills that the President is not going to sign and that aren't high priority items for the country, and Zika is not being addressed. We ought to pass the Senate bill.

Baltimore Sun Editorial: A manufacturing agenda

Manufacturing is, for lack of a better description, booming. That's why Rep. Steny Hoyer's call for a bipartisan approach to encourage further growth in U.S. manufacturing is right on point. Mr. Hoyer made his comments this week at the ceremonial opening of The Foundery, the manufacturing incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship at Port Covington that is part of Under Armour's push to foster next generation opportunities in manufacturing and design in South Baltimore.