NEWSLETTER: Protecting Federal Workers & the Civil Service


Last week, I proudly spoke on the House Floor in support of three bills that would help strengthen government accountability and protect America’s nonpartisan and hardworking civil servants. I am honored to represent thousands of federal employees, and was glad to bring these bills to the Floor to reaffirm Democrats’ commitment to safeguarding our civilian workforce.

I have long advocated for stronger protections and benefits for federal employees, and one bill I was especially pleased to see pass the House was H.R. 302, The Preventing a Patronage System Act, which would ensure future Presidents cannot remove qualified public servants from their positions for political loyalists. The former President made it clear where Republicans stood with respect to federal employees when he signed Executive Order Schedule F, which sought to purge career public servants from our government. With reports that the next Republican President would revive efforts to implement Schedule F, it was critical for Democrats to pass this important bill.

Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District is the proud home to talented and dedicated government employees who work around-the-clock to make sure our nation can meet the needs of families and ensure our government can run effectively. I was proud to support this bill, which also has the support of the President, and I hope the Senate will take it up as soon as possible.

As always, I encourage all Fifth-District residents to continue sharing their concerns and feedback with me by contacting my office or connecting with me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. If you are need of assistance, such as with help accessing veterans’ benefits or have another issue regarding a federal agency, and you wish for my office to place an inquiry on your behalf, please complete the casework request form by clicking here.   

Sincerely Yours,   
Steny H. Hoyer   

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