NEWSLETTER: Defending The Right to Contraception and Equal Marriage


When the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, they created clear pathways to undo other critical protections that are known to every American as basic freedoms in our country: the right to marriage and the right to contraception. It is clear to me and my Democratic colleagues that we are facing the worst assault on equal rights in generations, fueled by extremist ideologies of a deeply out-of-touch Republican party.

That is why this week we passed The Respect for Marriage Act and The Right to Contraception Act, which uphold and codify legal precedent that determines the individual right to love who you choose and to seek contraception care. These fundamental freedoms have become the next targets in an outrageous Republican-led campaign to strip equal rights away from women and families. As Majority Leader, I won’t stand idly by while right-wing justices open the door to criminalizing contraception services and equal marriage.

I was glad to see these bills pass in the House, but Democrats must do everything they can to enshrine these bills into law. The stakes are too great, but I am committed to protecting every woman and family in Maryland’s Fifth District.

As always, I encourage all Fifth-District residents to continue sharing their concerns and feedback with me by contacting my office or connecting with me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. If you are need of assistance, such as with help accessing veterans’ benefits or have another issue regarding a federal agency, and you wish for my office to place an inquiry on your behalf, please complete the casework request form by clicking here.   

Sincerely Yours,   
Steny H. Hoyer   

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