MEMO TO MEDIA: Democrats & President Biden Deliver Historic Infrastructure Investments to Build Back Better in Maryland

TO: Editors, Editorial Writers, Reporters 

FROM: Congressman Steny H. Hoyer 

RE: Democrats & President Biden Deliver Historic Infrastructure Investments to Build Back Better in Maryland 

DATE: November 17, 2021 

On Monday, President Biden signed into law the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, delivering on Democrats’ promise to modernize American infrastructure. This new law will bring lasting benefits to Marylanders. This law delivers historic investments to repair roads and bridges, expand broadband internet access, and address the ongoing effects of climate change in our state.   

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act not only meets the infrastructure needs of our state and its growing economy, making day-to-day life safer and expanding economic opportunity for residents, but it also will create good-paying jobs for our workers both through new construction and by creating the conditions for Maryland businesses to expand and hire. Marylanders will see the benefits of this law reflected in safer commuting, expanded public-transit access, and increasing incomes for years to come. 

The Economic Impact of the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act 

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act will deliver an estimated $6.47 billion directly to Maryland to repair highways and bridges and upgrade public transportation.   According to the American Road and Transport Builders Association (ARTBA), these investments will lead to a $1.55 billion increase in Maryland’s state GDP every year.  The law is also projected to increase disposable income for Maryland residents, with an overall increase of $614 million each year.  That’s an average of $262 per household in new spending money annually. 

Building & Repairing Roads, Bridges, and Airports

Each day, Marylanders commute across the thousands of miles of highway and hundreds of bridges in our state.  Dangerously, 273 of those bridges and more than 2,000 miles of highway are in poor condition.  The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will significantly improve residents’ daily commutes by addressing these repair backlogs, delivering $4.1 billion in highway aid and $409 million for bridge replacement to our state.  Maryland will also receive $158 million to upgrade our airports over the next five years. 

Crucially, this law also dedicates $1 billion to reverse the impact of discriminatory transportation policies that have divided communities of color by cutting through neighborhoods and creating barriers for mobility.  This funding will help us reconnect divided communities and ensure that all Marylanders have access to the economic opportunities they need to get ahead.  

Improving Public Transit Safety and Reliability  

Democrats have secured once-in-a-generation investments to strengthen and expand our public transit systems as part of this infrastructure law. In Maryland, WMATA will receive $150 million to address capital improvements and safety issues like those we have seen in the past month. This law also delivers $8 billion to the Capital Investment Grant program that provides funding to expand transit services and could be used for projects like Southern Maryland Rapid Transit, which would connect the Branch Avenue Metro station to Charles County.   

Expanding Broadband Internet Access  

Nearly 150,000 Maryland residents do not currently have access to reliable internet, making it difficult to work and attend school.  Building on the progress of the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will close the digital divide in Maryland by investing $100 million to expand broadband access to thousands of rural and low-income households across our state.  In addition, over a million Marylanders – 17% of our state’s population – will be eligible for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which helps low-income families afford internet access. 

Addressing the Climate Crisis and Protecting the Environment   

In order to mitigate the impacts of climate change and ensure a safer, healthier environment for our children, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act takes crucial steps to make Maryland greener and more climate resilient while at the same time seizing opportunities to expand high-paying manufacturing jobs.  As part of a nationwide effort to create a reliable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network, Maryland will receive $63 million to build charging stations across our state.  Maryland will also receive an estimated $844 million over five years to remove harmful PFAS chemicals from our water supply and replace lead pipes, ensuring Marylanders have reliable access to clean, safe drinking water.  This law also provides an additional $238 million toward the continued clean-up and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, which is critical to our state’s economy and way of life.  

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