Maryland Officials, Local Leaders, Applaud the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for Families

Last week, President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law. This law, brought to the House Floor by Congressman Steny H. Hoyer, and championed by Congressional Democrats, makes historic investments in modernizing and repairing Maryland’s infrastructure and will create good-paying jobs and expand economic opportunity for Maryland businesses. Maryland officials and local leaders are applauding the historic benefits of this law for every household in Maryland. Here's a look at what they had to say:

David C. Harrington, President & CEO of The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce:

"The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce and its over 500 business members applaud the signing into law of the Infrastructure and Jobs Act. Investing in our highways, technology, transit, and electric grid will create 15 million jobs over a 10-year period and connect small business, especially those in the IT and construction sectors to lucrative procurement opportunities. Passing this important legislation is the exact remedy needed to jumpstart our economy from this nagging pandemic. We congratulate President Biden and Congressional leaders like our own Leader Steny Hoyer for their extraordinary insistence in building back better."

Reuben B. Collins, II, Esq., Charles County Commissioner President:

"The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act means a significant increase in federal funding coming to the State and, ultimately, to Charles County. These funds will allow Charles County to expand transit options for our residents and move forward our highest priority transportation project, Southern Maryland Rapid Transit.  Also, it will enable us to invest in and speed up the process of completing large-scale infrastructure projects such as broadband expansion, and flooding and drainage caused by climate change, which will be addressed by our newly created Resilience Authority."  

Drew Van Dopp, President & CEO of the Maryland Broadband Cooperative:

The investments made in [the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for] broadband expansion are transformative. These dollars will allow internet providers to put miles and miles of new fiber optic assets all across Maryland to help connect as many underserved households as possible. We can’t thank Mr. Hoyer and all of Team Maryland for their dedication and support of this incredibly important funding.”

Delegate Edith J. Patterson, D-28:

"As a result of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signing, I am extremely pleased and excited about the funding Charles County and our state will receive. This legislation will afford invaluable opportunities for our citizens who are suffering the effects of this devastating pandemic to train for and acquire jobs to support and uplift their families and our economy.  I believe improved infrastructure will attract more competitive businesses and lay the groundwork for informative changes ranging from the expansion of broadband technology to a greater focus on improving our environment. Many thanks to President Joe Biden and  Congressman Hoyer for their steadfast and unwavering leadership to make this legislation a reality."

Sheryl E. Ponds, Founder and CEO of Dai Technologies Corporation:

“My firm Dai Technologies Corporation is in the business of EV charger infrastructure development.  You can imagine that the infrastructure bill is a big deal for my industry colleagues and the team members at DaiTechCorp. Congress just added to our momentum. The funding [in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act] demonstrates Congress agrees Americans must go on the offense NOW to mitigate issues brought on by climate change.  I am proud that DaiTechCorp will get to do more of what we do right now. Electrification of transportation is a significant step towards reducing auto emissions, creating new businesses and workforce opportunities while addressing a huge problem. The passing of H.R. 3684 is monumental for the State of Maryland as it will allow our cities and towns to invest in upgrading to more economical and environmentally friendly buses.  Our residents will be among the first to overcome Range Anxiety. The new funds will put electric vehicles and a robust EV charging infrastructure within reach to Marylanders.  At DaiTechCorp we appreciate the leadership of Congressman Hoyer, Maryland-05, Congressman Anthony Brown Maryland-04, member of the House Transportation Committee; and the rest of the Maryland Delegation in passing this historical infrastructure bill for the future of Maryland and the United States of America.”

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