The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Will Bring Good-Paying Jobs and Economic Opportunity to Maryland’s Working Families

Last week, a bipartisan coalition in the House passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a crucial piece of President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ Build Back Better Agenda that will repair and expand our nation’s infrastructure, create good-paying jobs, tackle the climate crisis, and grow economic opportunity for American businesses, workers, and families in Maryland’s Fifth District and across the state. Here’s a look at coverage from Maryland newspapers about what the infrastructure bill will do for communities across the state:

WBAL-TV 11: Maryland stands to gain significantly from infrastructure deal

“Planes, trains, and automobiles – Maryland transportation projects stand to gain significantly out of the trillion-dollar federal infrastructure bill. Maryland stands to gain $6 billion to improve roads, bridges, airports and transit systems. Funds will also be available to expand broadband and clean up the Chesapeake Bay, including: $4.1 billion in highway aid, $1.7 billion over the next five years for public transit systems across the state, $409 million for bridge replacement and repairs, $158 million for Maryland airports, $63 million for electric vehicle charging stations, [and] $15.9 million to prevent cyberattacks.” [11/9/21]

The Washington Post: Infrastructure measure will deliver a jolt of transportation investment to the Washington region

“Michael Sakata, president and chief executive of trade group Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association, said smaller jobs like repaving roads will get moving first before state and local governments start turning to bigger projects already on their shelves.”

“‘They’ll dust off those plans and go right to them,’ Sakata said. ‘We have not seen this type of investment in forever, let’s be honest.’” [11/6/21]

Maryland Matters: Maryland lawmakers, bay advocates react to late-night passage of $1.2 trillion US infrastructure bill

“The Chesapeake Bay Foundation said the bill will invest an additional $238 million for the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program over the next five years. That works out to an annual increase of $47.6 million, or more than 50 percent higher than current levels. Once Biden signs the bill into law, the legislation would raise authorized funding for the Bay Program from $90.5 million to $138.1 million in the coming fiscal year.” [11/6/21]

Baltimore Sun: What’s in the federal infrastructure bill for Maryland? Roads, bridges and funding for the Chesapeake Bay.

“Maryland is slated to receive as much as $6 billion from the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure package approved by the U.S. House Friday night, money intended to improve roads, bridges, transit systems, broadband and bolster Chesapeake Bay restoration… The spending package reauthorizes large, national transportation programs and contains about $550 million in new spending. It passed the House 228-206 late Friday, drawing praise from Maryland lawmakers who touted the bill as a boon for the state and the nation.”[11/6/21]

Washington Post: The infrastructure package puts $66 billion into rail. It could power the biggest expansion in Amtrak’s 50-year history.

"The spending package reauthorizes large, national transportation programs and contains about $550 million in new spending. It passed the House 228-206 late Friday, drawing praise from Maryland lawmakers who touted the bill as a boon for the state and the nation.”

“‘It’s transformative,’ Amtrak chief executive William J. Flynn said in an interview Monday. Money set aside for Amtrak, he said, ‘represents more funds than have been cumulatively invested in Amtrak over the first 50 years of our history.’”

“‘These upgrades will touch every part of the existing system,’ Jim Matthews, executive director of the Rail Passengers Association, said while describing a turnaround for a railroad that has struggled to draw financial support and faced cuts under the Trump administration. ‘And we hope [it will] lay the foundation for dozens of new corridors across the U.S.’” [11/8/21]

Baltimore Sun: Infrastructure, Build Back Better and earmarks: What big projects could be coming to Maryland?

Billions of dollars are headed to Maryland for roads, bridges, broadband and the Chesapeake Bay as part of the $1 trillion infrastructure package to be signed by President Joe Biden on Monday.

“The White House was planning a presidential signing ceremony for Monday…to showcase the infrastructure projects legislation that he has called a ‘once-in-a-generation investment.’ Americans should begin to see the effects of the bill ‘probably starting within the next two to three months,’ the president said earlier this month.” [11/15/21]

The Capital Gazette: Massive infrastructure bill cleared by House includes nearly $8 billion for Maryland

Improvements to Maryland’s infrastructure have been long overdue, supporters have said. In 2020, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the state a C grade, based on a 12-category Infrastructure Report Card, a slight bump from the C- Maryland received in 2011.”

“The massive spending legislation provides nationwide funding for critical infrastructure projects such as bridges, highway and airport construction, water pollution control, groundwater storage, broadband and public transportation, including improvements to Amtrak.” [11/10/21]

Maryland Matters: Biden Announces That ‘Infrastructure Week Has Finally Arrived’ During Port of Baltimore Visit

“Biden said the focus of his infrastructure bill is lowering the cost of goods, eliminating the supply chain shortage and ‘getting a lot of people back to work while … tackling these two challenges.’

“Democratic lawmakers acknowledged the ‘decades of gridlock’ Wednesday and praised Biden for being the president to push the investment in American infrastructure over the finish line.” [11/10/21]

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