ICYMI: Hoyer Joins Maryland Leaders to Highlight Equity Benefits, Assets in Prince George's County for the FBI

On Friday, November 4, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) delivered remarks at a joint press conference in Greenbelt, Maryland, with other leaders across the county and state. During the press conference, the leaders made the case for why the two sites in Prince George's County – Greenbelt and Landover – would make the best choice for the new, consolidated FBI Headquarters.

Washington Post: Md. leaders say process for picking FBI location unfairly favors Virginia

"...Alsobrooks and other[s] argued, noting that historic investment in counties like Fairfax have brought job opportunities and growth, while the median income for Prince George’s County is 48 percent lower than in Fairfax County."

“'We have faced obstacles in attracting the same types of private investments that we see in jurisdictions like Fairfax County and Montgomery County,' she said. 'Once again, it appears that some in the federal government are seeking to favor investing in the same communities that have historically received the majority of these investments for decades.'"

"Alsobrooks said the new criteria is not in keeping with an executive order President Biden issued promising to advance equity...Hoyer said the choice about where the headquarters will end up is one with 'transformational' impact."

"'I am certainly hopeful that the administration steps in to carry out its policies to make sure that when we make substantial investments, they uplift communities that have been ignored,' Hoyer said."

Maryland Matters: Md. leaders appeal to Biden administration on FBI HQ

"Maryland’s elected leaders at all levels were blindsided by the updated scoring system put out by the General Services Administration as it gets ready to choose the site of a new FBI headquarters. Several of them took turns blasting those changes, while also focusing on the president’s pledge to make the federal government more equitable, which was issued through an executive order on Day One...'A new consolidated FBI headquarters in Prince George’s County represents one of these essential transformative actions,' said Maryland Democratic Congressman and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. He also argued that while the county is home to nearly half of the federal government’s warehouses, it’s woefully underrepresented in the amount of actual federal offices."

'We are more than a warehouse county,' said Hoyer, to applause from the other leaders. 'The facility would bring quality public-sector jobs to Black communities and an influx of customers to local, Black-owned small businesses.'...Above all else, the main argument put forth by county leaders on Friday was equity and using the federal government to build up prosperous communities, businesses, and contractors the way the Pentagon impacted northern Virginia and the National Institutes of Health impacted Montgomery County and the Interstate 270 biotech corridor."

DC News Now: Maryland leaders call on White House in battle for FBI headquarters new home

"Prince George’s County, Maryland and federal leaders are fighting for the FBI to select two locations in the county to call their future headquarters home. This comes after the General Services Administrations made changes to the criteria, leaving leaders confused and frustrated."

“'The future location of the FBI headquarters has the potential to help transform our county and our state,” said County Executive Angela Alsobrooks at a press conference on Friday...'Our sites in Prince George’s County help advance President Biden’s executive order on advancing racial equity and support for underserved communities through the federal government. This order directed the Congressional Budget Office to create a report on promoting equity,' said Alsobrooks."

WJLA: Maryland leaders make another pitch to bring new FBI headquarters to Prince George's Co.

"For more than a decade now, Maryland political leaders have been trying to convince the federal government the area next to the Greenbelt Metro Station would make a good home for a new FBI headquarters. And if not there, then at the site of the old Landover Mall. Officials made that pitch again Friday. 'There is no reason not to be in Prince George’s County when you hear all of the assets that we present,' Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said."

WBALTV: Maryland leaders rally to move FBI HQ to Prince George's County

"Several Maryland state and local leaders rallied Friday for the FBI to move its headquarters to Prince George's County.Two of the final three sites under consideration for FBI headquarters are in Landover and Greenbelt. A third site under consideration is in Northern Virginia...The leaders are petitioning for FBI headquarters to be built in Prince George's County, saying it would bring many opportunities."

"'These are the two best sites, the least-expensive sites, the most transit-friendly sites,' Hoyer said." 

"'Prince George's County is the best place for the FBI, and Baltimore City and Baltimore County stand totally in lockstep with these efforts. We will not go away, we will not shirk our responsibility, and we will continue to call it out to make sure that one set of rules remains,' Mfume said in a statement."


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