Hoyer Statement in Support of the American Rescue Plan

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement tonight during House consideration of the American Rescue Plan:

“When the pandemic began this time last year, Congress took immediate action to enact four bipartisan pieces of legislation to protect Americans’ health and mitigate the economic crisis that COVID-19 precipitated. However, it became clear that the economic challenges facing American businesses and workers were so severe that additional relief would soon be required. While House Democrats passed additional legislation to provide that desperately needed aid, the Republican Senate chose to hit ‘pause’ and the American people were forced to deal with these twin crises on their own. During that time, emergency unemployment assistance lapsed, businesses and schools were not able to reopen for months, and tens of millions were left unable to pay rent, mortgages, and other expenses.

“Finally, in December, we were able to reach bipartisan agreement on a limited package of COVID-19 relief to meet some of those needs. But, as Democrats said at the time, it was merely a down payment on what was necessary to defeat the virus and rescue our economy. The American people have been calling out for help from their government, and that is what president Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ will provide: real and substantial help. 

“Today, there are 10 million more Americans out of work than there were a year ago, before the pandemic began to affect our economy. While we began to see a modest jobs recovery after the initial drop last spring, that recovery has slowed and stalled. There are now more than 19 million Americans receiving unemployment benefits, and these are predominantly women and lower income workers already struggling to get by. This is a situation that calls for bold action. Now is not the time for small actions or another ‘pause.’ The American Rescue Plan meets this moment. It will expand vaccines and testing. It will keep families in their homes and ensure they can put food on their table. It will help schools reopen safely, because in-person learning is essential.  It will help small businesses keep their doors open.

“History will record who, in this moment, stood for rescue and recovery – or who for ‘pause.’ Americans will remember. I urge Republicans to join us, to listen to the American people, and make this a bipartisan endeavor. The American people need the assistance that the American Rescue Plan provides.”

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