Hoyer Receives Briefing at Calvert Health on New Health Care Technology

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement today after receiving a briefing on the Da Vinci Robot technology at Calvert Health, which Congressman Hoyer helped secure $950,000 for in the FY 2023 Omnibus legislation

“It was great to hear from the talented doctors and leadership at Calvert Health and learn more about the Da Vinci Robot technology, which will soon be in use to better serve and care for people suffering from illnesses like cancer while also attracting more medical talent to the region. Access to quality health care is critically important for our people, and this new advancement for Calvert Health will enhance the services provided in our County. I was glad to work with the leadership at the Calvert Health system to secure $950,000 for this critical technology and thank them for their hard work to make sure this initiative is up and running for patients.

“Unfortunately, Calvert County residents have some of the highest cancer rates compared to others in Maryland. This new resource will allow them to bring a higher standard of care for surgeons and assist in attracting top talent to their medical staff. I look forward to continuing to partner with Calvert Health to advance their health care operations and strengthen their ability to care for Marylanders in the years ahead.”

The Da Vinci System consists of a surgeon’s console that is typically in the same room as the patient, and a patient side cart with three to four interactive robotic arms controlled from the console. The arms hold objects and can act as scalpels, scissors, graspers, and more. The surgeon uses the controls of the console to maneuver the patient side cart’s robotic arms. It is most often used for prostatectomies, cardiac valve repair, and for renal and gynecologic surgical procedures.


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