Hoyer Meets with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Contractor Community

GREENBELT, MD – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) met with a group of executives from the contractor community that supports NASA Goddard Space Flight Center this afternoon to discuss the government shutdown, sequestration, and the budget outlook. Many of the contractors experienced significant direct impacts from the shutdown, including lost revenue and employee furloughs.

“I was pleased to meet with members of the NASA Goddard contractor community today to discuss the negative impact that the shutdown, sequester, and budget uncertainty has had on their businesses,” stated Congressman Hoyer. “It was deeply disappointing that partisanship in Congress kept the government closed for sixteen days, and that businesses like those who support the important mission of NASA Goddard were affected. Many of their employees were furloughed as a result of the shutdown and, unlike federal employees, will not receive back pay. For the sake of these businesses and their employees, Congress must reach a long-term fiscal solution that will replace the sequester and reduce the deficit in a balanced way. I will be urging my colleagues to act in a bipartisan way to do so and provide certainty to working families in the Fifth District and across the country.”

During the shutdown, NASA Goddard had only 58 of their more than 3,000 employees working on a full-time basis. This resulted in many of the over 7,000 contractor employees unable to work as well. In addition, many other small businesses outside of Goddard felt the impact of the shutdown. For example, the Ruby Tuesday restaurant across the gate from Goddard, where today’s meeting took place, reports it lost approximately one-third of their normal business over the course of the shutdown.

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