2020 Census

Every ten years, the Constitution calls for a census to count every person living in the United States in order to determine fair and accurate representation in Congress and the equitable distribution of national resources to America’s communities.  It is critical that every person – regardless of citizenship status – currently living in our country fills out their Census form and participates.  When communities are undercounted, they receive less representation than they are due and fewer resources to help meet local challenges, such as fighting poverty and expanding opportunity.  Throughout the year, House Democrats will be helping to spread the word about the 2020 Census and encouraging full participation.  Check back on this page for updates and links to resources to help ensure that you and your community are counted. 

Press Releases:

Hoyer, Brown Meet with U.S. Census Bureau Employees
Hoyer Receives Briefing on 2020 Census Preparations in Southern Maryland

Click here to watch my video message on Census Day 2020.