National Security & Veterans

Congressman Hoyer believes that a Member of Congress’s highest duty is to keep America safe, strengthen our national security, and protect our homeland from attack. He is a leader in Congress on national security issues, has advocated for smarter and stronger policies to step up the fight against terrorist organizations that would do us harm, and remains unwavering in his commitment to the members of our armed services.  He is also a strong supporter of investing in programs that adequately equip our first responders for response to potential domestic attacks and increase protections at our ports and borders.

Congressman Hoyer has been the lead advocate for Southern Maryland’s military installations at the federal level and was instrumental in the BRAC process in preserving 9,000 jobs at Patuxent River Naval Air Station while adding over 5,000 new jobs; protecting 3,000 jobs at Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center; and securing the future of Webster Field, St. Inigoes. Hoyer has worked closely with the Southern Maryland Navy Alliance, the Indian Head Defense Alliance, the Patuxent Partnership, the Chambers of Commerce and local officials working to ensure that these three military installations are protected. 

Congressman Hoyer is a strong advocate for our veterans, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that America’s veterans receive the respect, care, and benefits they earned through their service to our nation. While Congressman Hoyer has strongly supported historic increases in funding for the Veterans Administration, improving the quality and efficiency of care in our nation’s VA facilities, he is also a strong proponent of accountability in how the VA spends those resources.

Congressman Hoyer worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs Baltimore Regional Office on improving the claims process for Maryland veterans to ensure they receive their benefits in a timely manner and with fewer errors. He is also dedicated to eliminating homelessness among veterans. He worked to secure funding to assist nearly 200 veteran families who are homeless or at risk for homelessness in St. Mary's, Charles, and Calvert Counties. Additionally, he joined the Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland and other stakeholders to ensure an accurate count of the homeless population in the Fifth District, which was critical to receiving additional housing vouchers for homeless veterans.

Pax River advocates cheer suspension of wind turbine plans

St. Mary's County officials applauded this week the "indefinite suspension" of a wind turbine project planned across the Chesapeake Bay from Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

Maryland willing to invest big to lure FBI headquarters to Pr. George's

Maryland and Prince George's County are willing to guarantee hundreds of millions of dollars on road improvements to try to lure the FBI to Prince George's, instead of suburban Virginia, when the agency relocates from downtown Washington.

Hoyer Meets with Management Team at Webster Field

Pax River is both a key component of our country's national security and a job-creator for the local economy in the Fifth District and Maryland, and I applaud all of the great work being done at Webster Field.

Hoyer: Passage of DHS Funding Bill Ensures Agency Has the Resources to Protect Our Country

This means that over approximately 230,000 people, who we ask daily to work for the federal government on behalf of America's security and the safety of our people, will have the assurance for the next seven months that they will have a funding stream and the resources to allow them to protect our country.

Hoyer Blog Post: Hoyer Urges Congress to Fund Homeland Security

There are just four days left for House Republicans to allow a vote that will prevent funding for DHS from expiring, and a failure to do so would put the safety of Maryland families at risk during a time of increased threats.

Hoyer Cosponsors Bill to Protect Department of Homeland Security Employees' Pay from Shutdown

The dedicated employees of the Department of Homeland Security should not be penalized if the Department shuts down. From securing our nation's borders to guarding our airport checkpoints, we rely on these employees to keep America safe, and they should be compensated for the hard work they do every day.