Hoyer Statement on One Year Since Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement today marking one year since Russia's illegal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine:  

"When Vladimir Putin launched his unprovoked and brutal invasion of Ukraine a year ago today, he believed that the Ukrainian people's morale would crumble immediately and that they would acquiesce in a matter of days or weeks.  Twelve months later, blue and gold flags still fly over Kyiv. Ukrainians have also hoisted those same colors over liberated cities from Kharkiv to Kupiansk to Kherson.  These heroic defenders continue to stand firm upon the frontlines of liberty and democracy.  They are able to do so because America, NATO, and our other allies throughout the free world have stood united behind them.  Whether it was critical military materiel or humanitarian aid, this Congress and this coalition have provided the people of Ukraine with the tools they need to prevail on the battlefield.  We band together in this effort because we recognize that the fate not only of Ukraine but of the entire free world hinges on the outcome of this conflict. 

"Putin and his autocratic regime understand this as well, which is why they launched a deadly new offensive to mark the start of this war's second year.  As we acknowledge that same solemn milestone today, we must reaffirm and strengthen our support for the people of Ukraine.  I applaud the Biden-Harris Administration's recent work to secure tanks for Ukraine from America, Britain, France, Germany, and our other allies.  I also commend President Biden for making our enduring commitment to Ukraine clear during his consequential surprise visit to Kyiv earlier this week.  Congress must maintain that same commitment, and I will keep working to ensure that we do.  Throughout the past year, the Ukrainians have proven that they will not yield in the face of Putin's aggression.  We must ensure that our resolve and that of our allies who cherish law and democracy neither falters nor diminishes."

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